Members come from a broad cross-section of disciplines, nationalities, training backgrounds and expertise. Membership categories include "Member", which is available to persons with professional education and supervised training in psychotherapy, and "Associate Member", which is open to other persons who have an interest in the aims of the Society. Associate Members receive all the benefits of membership except eligibility to hole the position of Officer. The Membership Committee is responsible for determining membership status of new members according to criteria approved by the Society. Student Members are also welcome to apply, as are Affiliate Members who hold a general interest in psychotherapy and/or mental health.

Members pay an annual membership fee of $550 as Full Members, $400 as Associate Members, $300 as Affiliate Members, and $150 as Student Members. Membership benefits include regular communication about events and news of the Society, assistance with joining or forming a peer supervision group, discounts for events such as guest speakers, inclusion in the membership directory, and the opportunity to work with colleagues to enhance the practice of psychotherapy in Hong Kong.

Please note: The Psychotherapy Society of Hong Kong is a learned society and does not register or accredit individuals.

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To be eligible for Full Membership of the Society, the applicant must meet the following requirements :

​ 1. Hold a Master's degree (or equivalent) or a Doctoral degree from a programme in mental health or a related field (e.g. clinical psychology, counselling psychology, marriage and family counseling/therapy, educational psychology, psychological counselling, psychiatric/clinical social work) which is recognised by a regional or national accreditation body in that country; AND
2. Have completed an approved training which would include both theoretical courses in psychotherapy/counselling and approved, supervised clinical work experience, AND
3. Have completed at least 250 hours of approved direct clinical practice plus 100 hours of direct clinical supervision. These hours are to be confirmed in writing by a clinical supervisor.
4. Psychiatrists with College membership/fellowship are included in this category.


Any person who works in a mental health or related field with clinical experience in psychotherapy/mental health or counselling; OR 1. Any person who has undergone training in a psychotherapy/mental health/counselling or related field;OR
2. Any person with an undergraduate degree or diploma in counselling, psychology, social work or nursing.

​ Examples of members in this category include counsellors, psychiatric or other registered nurses, social workers, and physicians other than psychiatrists. Please see full copy of membership criteria below.
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Any person who has an interest in psychotherapy/mental health or counselling.


Any person who holds a full time student card for studies in a psychotherapy/mental health counselling related subject.

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